User Agreement

Please read these terms carefully before you agree


As Amaken's staff, we are determined to build an overall pleasant experience for our users. We do our best making sure that all of our users are using the application responsibly and it is providing them a great service in return. The terms of use policy below explains the conditions of use you should follow in order to be able to operate this service.

1.1 Installation

When you install the Amaken service on your device, it will collect some technical information about your device (such as: your IP address, the unique device ID number and what operating system, operator, screen resolution, and version of the Amaken app you use), in order to be able to provide you with the appropriate and related to you services.
As long as you’re using Amaken we will be collecting statistical data, stripped from your personal information (your basic information you provide us with), in order to perfect our job in providing services to you. We also collect the data about your searches within the Amaken network, issues you may encounter, and the information you provide us with.

1.2 Number verification

You are not required to register when you download the application, however for your own privacy and security we encourage you to verify your number.
Verify your number in order to be able to create your profile with the basic information (your name, last name, email address, gender, upload your profile picture), view who searched for you and viewed your profile, request to view another user’s profile details, view people near-by and who you may know, identify incoming callers, report spam/abuse/inappropriate/ infringement content, and become visible on the Amaken network. Upon verification we confirm with you that you are aware of your profile going public within the Amaken application, and therefore you give us the permission to do so. If you don’t want to give such permission to the application, you can simply revoke the verification action. Mobile number verification process is necessary to verify that your number in particular belongs to a respective mobile device. The verification process is worth 1 local SMS and proceeds as follows: when you have pressed to verify your phone number, Amaken will access your text messages in order to send an SMS from your mobile number; since the SMS is sent back to your mobile device, Amaken has to access the text messages again in order to read the confirmation message. From the moment you have pressed verify, Amaken will access the text messages periodically (every 5 seconds) in order to read the text messages received only in the last 3 minutes. When the application detects the verification message, it stops accessing the text messages completely.

1.3 Your navigation within the application

You are able to search the phone directory by number .
1.3.1. By number. Searching by number will reveal to you the name linked to that number from our database of users.

1.4 Your Exclusive Rights and Responsibilities to the Application

Amaken gives you (as a user) an exclusive right to use the application for your private and non-commercial use. This right doesn’t apply to you being able to edit, change, or distort anything of any kind within the application. Your rights also don’t apply to you being able to use Amaken's trademarks, logos, commercial symbols or any other part of the application without our prior permission. The main ownership of anything that has to do with the Amaken application fully belongs to the Amaken. By accepting our terms and privacy conditions you are therefore releasing us of being liable as for any damage you may experience while using Amaken app.
Your other responsibilities include:
- Your personal information on Amaken must be true
- Keep your personal information up-to-date
- Don’t gather information about another user before their prior consent
- Don’t take an action on Amaken that may violate another user’s rights or the law.
- Don’t use Amaken if you are under 13 years of age.
- Don’t use Amaken if you are a registered and convicted sex offender.

1.5 Third parties

We do not in case sell, transfer or provide our advertisers with any personally identifiable information or statistical data about the Amaken users.


Upon installation the application will ask permission to access certain information on your mobile device. The privacy policy below explains how and why we collect that data, what is it used for, and where it is stored.

2.1 The application will ask your permission to:

By accepting Privacy and Terms of Use conditions you allow Amaken to: read phone status and identity, reroute outgoing calls, send (this may have additional costs) and read text messages to verify your identity, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, get your precise geo-location (GPS and network based), find and use accounts on your device, full network access, Google Play billing service, receive data from Internet, view network connections, view Wi-Fi connections, run at start-up, draw over other apps, prevent phone from sleeping.

- Read phone status and identity and reroute outgoing calls for the purpose of identifying the incoming caller.
- Send and read your text messages (SMS) only related to the verification process. This permission applies only once, during the mobile number verification process. 1 local SMS will be sent from your mobile device so that we can identify you as a rightful owner of the mobile number. Amaken does not in any case read other text messages included in the inbox, nor does it reenter text messages after the verification process has been completed.
- Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage so you can edit or modify your profile picture.
- Upon the installation we are going to take your approximate geo-location for the sole purpose of providing you with the appropriate ad content related to you, in order to serve you better. Once another user will request for your location and you accepted, the application will access your precise location using GPS, FINE location or other location services.
- Find and use the accounts on the device such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, in order to ease your process of inviting friends to Amaken. When you want to invite people through your social networks, you have to sign in using any of such networks and invite friends. Amaken does not store any passwords entered by you.
- The application will ask permissions as for your connectivity, such as: changing network connectivity, full network access, receiving data from the Internet, viewing network connections, and viewing Wi-Fi connections. All these are required so that we can provide you with a better service concerning your connectivity, and fix operating and technical issues if such arise.
- Google Play Billing: the application operates under the coin system, which you can purchase through your Google Play account.
- The permission to run at start up allows the application to operate after the device has finished booting. So as long as your phone is in the working mode the application runs along.
- Drawing over other applications simply allows Amaken to produce pop-up notifications outside the application.
- Amaken will ask your permission to keep the phone from sleeping so that as long as you keep the app open it’s always ready for your use.
- We will ask your permission to access picture gallery so that you will be able to upload your profile picture and images you would like to appoint to the keywords you enlist in the “listing” page.

2.2 Share

You may share some information with Amaken, and in return, it will use that information in order to provide you with better services. Because Amaken values the user’s trust, all the information shared is locked, secured, and non-transferrable.

2.2.1. Location: In order to perform near-by search we will have to take your current location in order to provide you with accurate results. By sharing with us your current location, you give us the permission to read your current location and submit it to our server, and make you visible to the public of the Amaken network. The location services are automatically enabled upon installation and every time you perform near-by search. We will ask your permission to take your current location the first time you’re performing near-by search, afterwards such an action will be done without your consent. However, as a formality we will ask you if you would accept to share your current location every time you engage in near-by search. You can always disable your location visibility in the Amaken application settings. Such action is at your own risk and we have no responsibility as for the consequences and the damage caused to you or others through the data collected, also we do not provide full assurance as for the validity of the data of other users.
2.2.2. Social Networks: You may provide us with your user identifier information (by logging in) regarding certain third party services, such as Facebook and Google+. It is necessary for the Amaken application to interoperate with such third party services when you are trying to invite your social network friends to Amaken application, or when you want to access those networks in order to like Amaken pages on those networks. In that case Amaken will temporarily store and process that user identifier information for as long as you use the services, and will not use this information for any other purpose than required which is to obtain interoperability and functionality in relation to such third party services. Please note that we never store any passwords of the mentioned or the non-mentioned third party services.

2.3 How we use the information you provide us with:

In addition to using your information to provide you with the services that you request, we may use your personally identifiable information as follows:

- To verify your identity
- To connect you with your friends, family and other Amaken users.
- To invite your friends, family and others to the service.
- To allow you the use of certain features of the service that may be offered from time to time and to help customize your user experience.
- To provide you with relevant content that you requested, using information that you allow us to collect from you or that you provide to a social medial provider regarding you and your friend’s respective locations.
- To solicit information from you, including though surveys
- For internal operations, including troubleshooting problems, data analysis, testing, research, improvements to the service, detecting and protecting against error, fraud, or other illegal activity.
- When we believe it is appropriate to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal or suspected illegal or inappropriate activities.
- Use the push notification services to notify you about updates and important information. You may, however, at any time opt-out and disable push notification in the Amaken app.
- Your exact location can be viewed by another Amaken user only when he/she has requested, and you have accepted to share your location with that user.
- A floating window appears during the incoming/outgoing call showing the name and number of the person on the other line as he/she has presented himself/herself in the Amaken application. After the call has been completed, you will get a pop-up window presenting the information he/she has put up on the service. You may disable these options from within settings at any time.

2.4 Disclaimer

By agreeing to Amaken's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you agree that the use of this service is completely at your own risk. Amaken makes no guarantees as for the accuracy/validity/completeness of the data content presented by other users or circulated within the Amaken network, therefore it bares no liability towards: inaccurate content, personal injury resulting from usage and accessing the application, any unauthorized access by outside parties into the application and therein the loss of personal/financial data, viruses/bugs that may have entered through third party services that may have caused you the loss or damage of data. Amaken doesn’t assume any responsibility for any products/services advertised in it, nor the action resulting from your engaging with such advertisers.
We’ve already mentioned in your Exclusive Rights and Responsibilities to the Application that you may not use any other copyrighted material/trademarks/slogans/logos of other brands/companies, or brand names unaffiliated with you or your company, inappropriate/spam/infringement/sexual content, or any other content that is fully owned by Amaken and is associated with it. If you include any such material within your profile (such as your name, or an assigned keyword), we are in full authority to delete such content without notifying you. Amaken, however, is not responsible for any data that is posted/shared by the users within the application, it is at your own risk to interact with whatever data, and therefore Amaken carries no responsibility as for the personal damage/injury such information may cause.

Amaken may at any time with or without a separate notice change this Privacy Policy, and you are encouraged to review this Policy from time to time.
- In case of substantial changes, Amaken notifies the user by push notifications. You may disable the option in the settings.